Transitions and Careers

The Directorate’s Transitions and Careers section supports the transitions and careers of all students in ACT public schools through the stages of schooling and beyond to further education, training and/or employment. This includes the provision of:

  • Transition services and programs;
  • Work placement programs that enable students to explore tentative career choices against the realities of the workplace, forming part of a student's broader career development;
  • Qualified career practitioners (including a Transitions and Careers Officer (TACO) in each ACT public college) to deliver quality career development services;
  • Network Student Engagement Team (NSET) Engagement Officers who have career qualifications and expertise
  • Online Pathways Planning through the Pathways external link website
  • The Canberra CareersXpo external link in partnership with the Rotary Club of Canberra City which includes WorldSkills external link Australia's Try'aSkill and the Indigenous Employment Exhibition;
  • Flexible Learning Options (FLOs) that support and engage young people at risk of disengaging from education in quality vocational learning in a range of formal and informal settings.

In addition, the Transitions and Careers section:

  • Supports teachers who wish to gain career qualifications;
  • Provides professional learning opportunities to ensure that career practitioners meet the Professional Standards for Australian Career Practitioners;
  • Coordinates the annual Deanne Reynolds Career Development Award;
  • Coordinates the ACT Career Advisors' Mentoring Program for beginning school career advisors;
  • Administers Approval Statement applications for young people under the age of 17 who wish to follow a training path other than formal schooling post Year 10;
  • Administers Exemption Certificate applications;
  • Distributes the Directions newsletter each term to all stakeholders involved in and supporting career education in ACT schools.