Gifted and Talented Students

Gifted and Talented Students Policy

The Gifted and Talented Students Policy 2014 reflects the ACT Government's continued interest in pursuing the very best provisions to ensure the very best for our gifted and talented students. This new Policy provides consistent advice to principals regarding the best approaches in identifying and supporting gifted and talented students in ACT government schools.

The aim of the Policy is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive developmentally appropriate programs regardless of their socio-economic or cultural background, based on their level of giftedness and those other factors which are individual to each student.

Gifted students have the potential to perform at a level that is significantly beyond that of the majority of other children of the same age, in one or more skill areas such as language, problem solving, physical or interpersonal skills. Gifted students display generic abilities that can be developed into different skills, depending on activities taken up by the student. For example, manual dexterity (a natural physical ability), can be shaped into the particular skills of a pianist, a dentist, or a video-game player.

Once a student has been identified as gifted, schools can use appropriate educational interventions and strategies to cater for them. Developmentally appropriate programs for gifted and talented students include a combination of provisions to allow students access to meaningful learning opportunities such as a differentiated curriculum, incorporating advanced learning through:

  • enrichment experiences;
  • counselling interventions;
  • acceleration options; and
  • grouping.

These provisions are dependent on each other and strongly supported by research as central to increasing learning outcomes for gifted individuals.

Please contact the school principal for additional information on the Gifted and Talented Students Policy 2014.

Parent Fact Sheets

The Gifted and Talented Parent Fact Sheets support the ACT Government's Gifted and Talented Students Policy 2014 which aims to ensure that gifted and talented students have education support tailored to meet their individual needs.

There are fourteen ACT Education Directorate Gifted and Talented Parent Fact Sheets available as follows:

  1. Giftedness and Talent pdf file (776Kb) Giftedness and Talent MS Word File (1.5Mb)
  2. Identification PDF File (147Kb) Identification MS Word File (82Kb)
  3. Social-Emotional Needs PDF File (157Kb) Social-Emotional Needs MS Word File (79Kb)
  4. Gifted Underachievers PDF File (143Kb) Gifted Underachievers MS Word File (69Kb)
  5. Dual Exceptionality PDF File (123Kb) Dual Exceptionality MS Word File (66Kb)
  6. Differentiation PDF File (115Kb) Differentiation MS Word File (64Kb)
  7. Grouping PDF File (108Kb) Grouping MS Word File (68Kb)
  8. Programs and Provisions PDF File (285Kb) Programs and Provisions MS Word File (76Kb)
  9. Subject Acceleration PDF File (285Kb) Subject Acceleration MS Word File (86Kb)
  10. Whole-grade Acceleration PDF File (301Kb) Whole-grade Acceleration word file (68Kb)
  11. Early Entry to School PDF File (288Kb) Early Entry to School MS Word File (72Kb)
  12. Communicating with Schools pdf file (160Kb) Communicating with Schools MS Word File (45Kb)
  13. Myths and Facts PDF File (152Kb) Myths and Facts MS Word File (68Kb)