Out of Hours Care

The name of the preferred provider for Out of School Hours Care at Margaret Hendry School is Woden Community Services.

The Education Directorate have now entered into contract negotiations with Woden Community Services.  Once the contract has been finalised families will be provided with the information they require to enrol their children for 2019.

Families are welcome to contact Woden Community Services via phone or email to provide some preliminary information on names, contact details and days of care required. This will assist them in their preliminary planning for 2019. All families who make contact with Woden Community Services will be contacted in January to confirm their enrolment preferences.

For further information on Woden Community Services, please visit their website at www.wcs.org.au

You can contact the enrolments team on 6147 3318 or enrolments@wcs.org.au

Please direct any further queries to Margaret Hendry School at this time.