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Occupational Violence – ACT Education National Forum

03 Apr 2019

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Occupational Violence – ACT National Forum



The purpose of the forum is to share work safety learnings across jurisdictions and collectively identify best practice strategies for supporting safe and inclusive school communities for our staff and students.

The ACT Education Directorate holds the health, safety and wellbeing of its workforce and of its students at the core of its education and school improvement agenda. In August 2016, the Directorate commenced work to identify and treat risks associated with occupational violence in ACT public schools.

The Education Directorate and the Australian Education Union ACT formed a joint working group to progress a program of agreed work. Products from this collaboration included an Occupational Violence Management Policy and Plan, support documents and products for use in schools and classrooms throughout the ACT Public School system.

The Broader Program of Work Included:

In 2016/17, there was a cluster of incidents at our schools, mostly involving children with complex needs and challenging behaviours. This prompted investigations by WorkSafe ACT and during the implementation phase relating to the above action, WorkSafe ACT issued the Directorate with an Enforceable Undertaking (EU) on behalf of the Territory. The requirements of the EU are outlined in three strategies.

This work recognises that everyone has the right to feel safe at work and those who work in schools are no exception.