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Setting up young Canberrans for success

31 Aug 2020

Setting up young Canberrans for success

Parents and carers understand how fast children and young people absorb information and how important those first years are in their development, even without having read all the ample research that backs it up.

Today the ACT Government released Set up for Success: An Early Childhood Strategy for the ACT, outlining our plans to deliver and expand education opportunities for the ACT’s youngest residents.

The strategy was developed after extensive consultation and input with community stakeholders, educators and caregivers. The guiding principles are:

In line with the newly released strategy, we are also expanding from 300 to 500 the number of places available to three-year-old children most in need to access 15 hours per week of free, quality early childhood education.

Increasing the capacity of these childhood education services reflects the circumstances arising from COVID-19, and the program launched earlier this year has already been making a difference to the lives of those children and families that most need it. For children experiencing vulnerabilities or disadvantage, this early education plays an even more significant role in tackling inequality and provides a boost to their chances of achieving fair and full lives.

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