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Spotlight on solar energy at Gowrie Primary School

20 Aug 2020

Students are working on solar energy

This week at Gowrie Primary School, the spotlight was on solar energy, with Year 5 and 6 students investigating how the angle of a solar panel affects the electricity it can generate.

Using a lamp, solar panel and protractor, the students worked in groups to test which angle they could hold the solar panel at to generate the most energy.

Afterwards the class got together to discuss the results of the experiment and consider what other factors might inhibit energy production such as trees, leaves and clouds blocking the sunlight.

The session was delivered through the Academy of Future Skills program, an ACT Government initiative that sees specialist STEM teachers work in collaboration with schools to deliver rich STEM education to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need for the future.

A teacher and students are studying in a room

Caroline is one of the specialist executive STEM teachers at the Academy of Future Skills. Each week Academy staff work with ACT public school teachers and students to develop and implement engaging hands-on STEM inquiries.

In collaboration with the teaching staff at Gowrie Primary School, she put together a learning program that covers a wide range of STEM topics, exploring a different topic each week. Now that the students have a firm understanding of solar power, next week they’re looking forward to investigating a new topic: wind power.

“We support teachers to deliver hands-on STEM inquiries that engage all students and spark curiosity” said Caroline Schultz, Academy STEM teacher.