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Year 10 students recognised

02 Dec 2019

From helping those less fortunate, going above and beyond in their studies to being a great listener and friend and starting their own charities, 71 amazing students were recognised at the Year 10 Excellence Awards.

Nominated by their school, students were presented with one of three awards:

The award winners were inspired and entertained by ACT public school alumni and stand-up comedian, Kirsty Webeck as she told a little about her life and the impact her education had.

“My education as a teenager made me realise, I had options. It encouraged me to look at choices, to think outside the box, to make the most of my life through finding things I loved and embracing opportunities that were thrown my way. It also taught me to continue to grow and develop and that change was okay.”

Kirsty also had some sound advice for the students.

“Just start somewhere. Find things that interest you. Do the work. Pursue them as best you can. Reach out for help. Find what you’re good at and work how you can make that a part of your everyday,” she said.

Attendees were also entertained by Jye Hopkins from Dickson College and the Melrose High School ACT Dance troupe.

During the ceremony, the students’ family, friends, teachers and school staff were acknowledged for the invaluable support they provide. Paperchain Bookstore sponsored the awards for the eleventh year with each recipient receiving a book voucher.