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Building knowledge

05 Dec 2022

Hindmarsh Construction showing the students the new table tennis tables and where they would be in the new expansion.
Caption: Hindmarsh Group project managers explaining the importance of planning prior to construction.

Students at Margaret Hendry School are curious to learn about the expansion happening at their school and what they can see being built over the fence.

Students wrote letters and drew pictures to the builders asking questions about the project. Following this, the school decided to bring them on the construction journey by setting up presentations and Q&A sessions with the builders. It has been so successful that this is now a regular occurrence.

Recently, Kindergarten to year 2 students had another opportunity to meet with the construction team, Hindmarsh. The Hindmarsh team brought along plans to show the children the new play areas they are building, including table tennis tables, a new playground and other exciting additions to their outdoor learning spaces.

Students also had the opportunity to ask the team questions, which included:

What play options are you building?

Are you adding more clocks?

When will it be finished?

How did the architect consider shapes in the design?

Other questions students had drew on their learnings about sustainability.

Margaret Hendry School Principal, Kate Woods has welcomed the Q&A sessions. ‘Our children are innately curious beings, and they have a lot of wonderings about the things that they observe around them. Hindmarsh have been able to involve the children and give them the opportunity to ask probing questions. It’s great that students are continually involved in the process and their voice is being heard. They can be proud that they had an influence in the design of their own learning environment’.

It is such an amazing way to bring the students on the journey and an opportunity for them to learn about sustainability and build a connection to their new expanded school!