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Expanding and upgrading schools

07 Feb 2020

Investing in our education infrastructure

Students from Gold Creek School now have new permanent learning spaces
Students from Gold Creek School now have new permanent learning spaces.

The Education Directorate has been upgrading and expanding ACT public schools right across the Territory in preparation for the 2020 school year. We are working hard to ensure that every child has access to great, accessible and sustainable facilities and school infrastructure that supports high quality education in our rapidly growing city.

The ACT Government aims to ensure that every Canberra child has access to a great local school close to home, which is why we have been expanding schools in Gungahlin, the inner north, and the inner south with permanent and temporary infrastructure, providing more places for our students.

At Gold Creek School, new permanent learning spaces are now ready for an additional 300 students in the junior school, while planning is underway for the construction of new learning spaces for an additional 200 students in the senior school by 2022.

We have also been upgrading a range of facilities and infrastructure in public schools throughout Canberra as we head into the 2020 school year, including school administration and staff areas, learning and teaching spaces, disability access, learning support spaces, bathroom upgrades, outdoor learning spaces, and bicycle parking and facilities.

For more information on the ACT Government’s investments in education infrastructure, visit our Expanding and Upgrading Schools for our Growing City webpage