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Young artists celebrated in Step into the Limelight art collection

13 Jul 2020

Step into the limelight art Step into the limelight art

The annual Step into the Limelight showcase has wrapped up for another year, featuring a stunning collection of student artwork from across ACT public schools.

Each year, schools look forward to this annual event, with our budding young artists given the exciting opportunity to showcase their artwork for the Canberra community – an empowering experience and source of great pride for our students.

Following a huge effort from the Step into the Limelight team, the showcase was adapted to COVID-19 constraints to feature an entirely online digital collection for the first time - with a strong focus on ensuring equal accessibility for all students.

Also new this year, was the incorporation of five themes over the course of the term, giving students a new theme to explore and respond to each fortnight.

The themes were chosen to reflect the diverse nature of the ACT public school community, from primary school to college, all students could participate and enjoy.

Not only was this opportunity great for students to showcase their artistic abilities, but through the exploration of topics such as connection, love and time, students have been able to develop a greater understanding of the world around them.

This week we’ll be sharing our student’s amazing artwork on our social media accounts. You can view them here.

Visit the Step into the Limelight online gallery to see more.