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Rewarding experience

Pre-service teacher Rae Holford at Mount Stromlo

Rewarding experience

Rae Holford had always considered a career in teaching but it wasn’t until the last few years – following marriage, travel, four children and a lot of other work – that she knew the time was right to jump in.

“When my youngest got into kindergarten, that’s when I knew I wanted to continue working with kids long term,” Rae said.

“I thought the best way to do that was to go back to uni, get a degree and get into teaching.”

Enrolling at the University of Canberra, Rae embarked on her teaching degree and through the University of Canberra Affiliated Schools Program, is now doing a pre-service teacher professional experience placement at Mount Stromlo High School.

The Affiliated Schools Program is an exciting initiative under the Future of Education Strategy designed to improve student learning through professional learning for pre-service and in-service teachers, and research in schools.

A unique partnership between the ACT Government and the University of Canberra, it is founded on a shared commitment to putting students at the centre of their education journey.

One of nearly 200 pre-service teachers currently on a professional experience placement across Canberra, Rae said the practical experience and relationships she has formed at Mount Stromlo have been amazing.

“Getting into the classroom has been fantastic. To learn from (mentor teacher) Deb has been a wonderful experience.” Rae said.

“Learning about adapting and being flexible is very important in the classroom, just as it is in life.

“It’s been a really rewarding experience forming connections with these kids and helping them to learn is what teaching is all about. I’m learning so much from this program.”

ACT public schools host pre-service teachers across all subject areas and stages of schooling to provide quality hands-on professional experience and ensure they are well equipped to enter the workforce and bring their learning into school communities.

“When I finish my degree next year, I’ll be looking to get into teaching full-time!” Rae said.

More information about the University of Canberra Affiliated Schools Program can be found at: