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Historic recognition

30 Jun 2022

Amaroo School teacher receives inaugural Hilary Brettell Scholarship

image of Libby Whitbread hold a book Focus on Vikings

Amaroo School’s Libby Whitbread didn’t set out to be a teacher but fell in love with it after using a free unit at university to do a placement.

The rest, as they say, is history – quite literally.

Two years into her teaching career in ACT public schools, Libby has been named the inaugural recipient of the Hilary Brettell Scholarship for young history teachers. The scholarship, awarded by the ACT History Teachers’ Association, will fund Libby to attend the History Teachers’ Association of Australia’s (HTAA) National Conference in Darwin later this year.

Libby said she believes history is a very important subject to learn about.

“I’ve always been a huge history buff,” Libby said.

“I love that history is literally everything - from the beginning of time to right this second – and it explains so much about the world and the way that we live.

“It’s important for students to learn about it so they can better understand the world and how to navigate it.”

Libby said attending the HTAA National Conference would allow her to learn from experienced history teachers from around Australia.

“They are going to be sharing what they do in the classroom… giving me all of these tools that I can then use in my own teaching to support my students, my historical understanding and also my own professional development,” Libby said.

“It’s a real opportunity for me to learn more.”

Libby said she that she really appreciates the support she has received in her career so far at Amaroo School.

“I feel very supported by the staff room that I’m in and I am very fortunate that I’m surrounded by, I think, some of the most supportive educators ever,” Libby said.

“I know that if I ever have any questions or need any help, they will assist me without a second thought.”