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ACT public school students head back to the classroom today

18 May 2020

ACT public school students head back to the classroom today

Across the ACT today, students in years K, 1, 2 and 7 as well as College students are busily getting ready for their first day back in the classroom following a short period of remote learning.

This is part of the ACT Government’s staged return to schools, with other year groups set to follow in the coming weeks. By 3 June, all ACT public school students and teachers will be back in their regular classroom.

Students and teachers throughout ACT public schools are eager to get back and have missed seeing one another face to face each day.

We spoke with year 1 student, Mitchell from Duffy Primary School, to see how he feels about going back to school and what he’s looking forward to most about getting back to the classroom.

“I’m excited for everything! To see my friends and teachers and even for the schoolwork and learning. It’s been a bit weird not seeing my friends and sitting next to them every day.”

“The first thing I’m going to do on Monday is find my bestest four friends. We usually play games outside on the oval where we kick the football over the crossbar, if you kick it under, you’re out!”

With the help of his older sisters and their au pair, Emily, Mitchell was able to keep up to date with his work during home learning. While there were lots of activities that he liked to do, such as PE, French and science, he did have one stand out favourite memory from home learning.

“The best part about learning from home was the Videos of the Day, I watched one of them 20 times.”

Mitchell had just one message for his classmates, friends and teachers before he heads back to the classroom today.

“I’m excited to see you!”