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Belconnen High School’s dedicated staff ready for remote learning

26 May 2020

Belconnen Staff remote learning

Staff at Belconnen High School worked hard to ensure the school was ready for remote learning in term 2 and support staff have supported teachers to ensure a smooth transition to at home learning and taken the opportunity to catch up on quite a few administrative tasks.

Support staff at the high school began preparations late in term 1 to assist staff and students for a new way of learning, school Business Manager, Maree Hardwicke said.

“Our team worked to assist our teachers with online learning, including skilling themselves up in how to use Google Classroom and other Google Apps for Education so they could lend their assistance to teaching staff.”

“Teaching staff started setting up all their classes for remote learning so from week nine in term 1 all of our students were able to go online with their teachers,” Maree said.

“A simplified timetable for their classes using our lines timetable was set up and sent to families so they were able to best support their children in learning in the new remote learning environment.”

Maree says both students and teachers have let the team know how grateful they are for all the work the support staff are doing for them.

“Our staff are able to support all of their colleagues, students and their families and ensure they are safe and receiving all the help they require to continue student’s education.”