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Latham Primary School keeping students engaged and active!

25 May 2020

Humour keeps students engaged

During our time of remote learning we have seen many creative and thoughtful examples of keeping students engaged and connecting school communities.

Latham Primary School has  developed a series of short clips to maintain engagement and connection with their community.

The engagement activities included a full online assembly, cooking demonstration and a quite hilarious motivational piece to keep students active and moving.

Executive Teacher, Daniel Manestar says the response from families has been extremely positive.

“It’s been a really positive experience for all, we have really shown how learning can be fun and how when we support one another and stay connected, we can get through most anything!”

Latham Primary School welcomed students back from the 18th of May and will continue until students across all classes are back on June 2.

“We are really excited to see students back. It is a testimony to the diligence of our staff and the support and commitment of parents and carers that has seen so many smiling faces at Latham Primary School.” said Daniel.

“It’s great to work with teaching professionals that go the extra mile, it really does make a difference.”