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Physical distancing in schools

14 May 2020

Physical distancing for adults part of classroom return

Physical Distancing in School

When ACT public school students return to the classroom from Monday, there will be some changes to the way schools operate to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The ACT Chief Health Officer has advised that schools should limit the gathering of adults on school sites. Each school is different and will consider how it can continue to operate while minimising unnecessary contact between adults.

Adults, including parents, staff and volunteers, will need to maintain physical distancing between themselves and other adults. This includes at school drop-off and pick up times, in the classroom and in the staff room:

Each school will develop a plan for how to manage the operation of the school while meeting these physical distancing restrictions for adults. This will include limiting assemblies, events, excursions and physical education programs that would bring large groups of staff and parents together for long periods of time.

Schools will still continue with any planned incursions as long as physical distancing between adults is maintained.

Schools may also introduce staggering of lunch times and other activities to minimise the movement of large groups around the school at the same time.

Each school will let parents and carers know the specific arrangements for their site. If you need to contact your school to discuss their plans for physical distancing (or any other matter), please call or email first, and avoid visiting in person unless absolutely necessary.

You can find more information about returning to classroom learning in term 2 on our website.

For more information about the ACT Government’s response to COVID-19, visit