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Students return to an improved Campbell High School

28 May 2020

return to school

Caption: Campbell High School Admin Team meeting during the remote learning period.

Improvements have been underway at Campbell High School while students and staff were engaging in remote learning.

Campbell High School’s Business Manager, Helena Williams, spoke about the changes the Admin Team has been making for students and staff.

“When staff and students return to our campus they will see, and feel, lots of improvements including over 35 new established trees at the bus stop, new external doors, draughtproofing and new water tanks to improve our sustainability.”

The school will also have a new prayer room, and feature foyer improvements and soon to be refurbished student bathrooms.

“We have commenced a range of administration improvement projects including a website refresh, a review of our excursion approval process and a clean-up of our storage drive.” Helena said.

While students learnt remotely, staff stayed connected through video chats, phone calls, emails and onsite support. Campbell High staff also developed a weekly video cast named by students, called Teachers Unsupervised.

Teachers Unsupervised is hugely popular with students and features lots of helpful information, chats and ample cringe-worthy dad jokes!” Helena said.

Campbell High School’s IT Officer, Jessica Eustace, supported over 800 students and staff while they learned and worked from home during the remote learning period.

“Jess immersed herself in programs, liaised with relevant providers, created much needed training packages for staff, built a portal full of useful resources for staff and worked quickly and tirelessly to ensure all students and staff had access to devices.” Helena said.

While patiently providing help desk support, Jessica is also an accomplished debating coach and started an online debating club for students.

Campbell High admin staff have established new ways to perform their roles while they worked remotely, as the majority of staff had to work off site during the remote learning period.

“We have undertaken a range of improvement projects to ensure that our time and skills are used to benefit the school and our students during this period and into the future. This has been an amazing opportunity for professional growth as staff cross train and learn new skills.” Helena said.

Campbell High School’s staff have now been at work preparing for the staggered return of students to face to face learning.

“We’ve been busy ensuring we’re fully-stocked with soaps, hand towels and hand sanitiser as well as cleaning, finalising projects and planning how to best welcome our students back. It hasn’t been Campbell High without them!” Helena said.