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Fete 2020 reimagined at Latham Primary School

03 Nov 2020

Fete 2020 at Latham Primary School

The annual fete is one of the events that kids look forward to and are always excited to participate in. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools postponed these events which was disappointing for students.

However, Latham Primary School’s P&C went above and beyond to organise an online fete providing students an opportunity to showcase the work they had commenced in March.

“We put a lot of thought into how the traditional fete could be transformed into an online format, to re-create an exciting experience for families, students and the wider community,” said Fete coordinator, Jo Dynon.

The main challenge was to ensure the fete was engaging, interesting and COVID safe.

"We tried to incorporate a little bit of everything and most importantly worked as a team with parents, teachers and whoever was on board with their skills and expertise," said Ms Dynon.

The P&C was supported by the wider school community with fundraising items and raffle donations from more than 50 local businesses.

A mega Lego challenge, yoga classes and virtual trivia were just a few of the activity’s families could participate in and the talent show proved to be a showstopper.

The fete was live and recorded on the school's public Facebook page and the Latham Fete website.

Bravo to the Latham Primary School P&C and wider school community for such an innovative school community event which brought a touch of normality to what has been a challenging year.