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Leading the business of schools

10 Nov 2020

The ACT Public School Business Managers Leadership Summit

The ACT Public School Business Managers Leadership Summit

The ACT Public Schools Business Managers Leadership Summit was held on Friday 6 November 2020, recognising the significant role Business Managers play in supporting teachers, students, staff and the school community and to invest in their ongoing professional growth.

Our Business Managers are an integral part of the school leadership team and have been at the forefront of school-based responses to the challenge of COVID-19. They have kept schools operating, keeping students safe and supporting teachers throughout the pandemic. As leaders of our organisation, Business Managers have the vision, knowledge, and experience to help lead our schools through these challenging times.

Business Managers were inspired, motivated and energised by the calibre and diversity of keynote speakers, who were able to contextualise their leadership experiences into the practicalities of what a Business Manager experiences every day in our schools

The range of successful and respected business leaders, provided Business Managers with a rich insight into business leaderships particularly during challenging times of changes and strategies to ensure health and wellbeing is at the forefront of the important role of leading the business of schools.

The program consisted of many activities including interactive masterclasses, panel discussions and keynote speakers who shared their leadership insights Business Managers actively participated with keynote speakers and their colleagues, discussing key themes such as adaptive leadership, health and wellbeing and business expertise.

Business Managers were grateful for the opportunity and acknowledged the vision of being a leading learning organisation where people know they matter.