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We say thank you on World Teachers’ Day

30 Oct 2020

World Teachers' Day 2020

In 2020 educators have led the way through a challenging year, showing resilience, compassion and creativity. On World Teachers’ Day, we celebrate the triumphs of our teachers and extend our appreciation for the work they do.

As the world faced restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, ACT teachers were quick to adapt. In a huge, coordinated, collaborative effort, public education in the ACT successfully moved to a remote model for most of our 50,000 public school students. This couldn’t have been achieved without the dedication and commitment of our teachers.

Many teachers stepped into roles in the Safe and Supervised Sites to support children who couldn’t learn from home. They provided comfortable, supportive environments for these children, welcoming all with open arms.

Our teachers were trail blazers, learning, adapting and refining as they went along. Teachers swiftly upskilled in technological capabilities and know-how. They became directors, actors and dancers in home produced videos and achieved mastery in the art of the Google Meets call.

As COVID-19 restrictions saw events across Australia cancelled or postponed, teachers demonstrated innovation. Countless schools translated events and assemblies into an online format or creatively incorporated social distancing measures. Teachers worked hard to ensure that young people didn’t miss out on these much loved milestones in the school calendar.

One mother took to social media to describe the joy on her child’s face as they drove past to wave at his teachers at Kingsford Smith School for the school’s Drive by and Wave event during the height of COVID restrictions in the ACT. Theodore Primary School teachers made personal visits to the homes of students to deliver home learning packs (while socially distancing of course) and Monash Primary School showed their appreciation to mums by hosting a drive through breakfast . It was gestures like these that made all the difference.

In her first year as the Director-General of the ACT Education Directorate, Katy Haire has worked alongside schools and teachers, she’s seen the incredible impact that passionate teachers can have on their students, colleagues and school communities as a whole.

“This year, we’ve seen teachers go the extra mile to support, connect with and care for their students during a time of global uncertainty, and continue to provide the very best education for all. I can’t thank our education staff enough for the work they do,” Katy said.

The commitment of teachers has not gone unnoticed, with the ACT community awash with praise for the work teachers have done to ensure children, young people and their families are supported.

If education opens doors, teachers change lives. Thank you to each and every one of our teachers in the ACT, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Watch our World Teacher’s Day video here External Link.

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