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Gold Creek School hosts exciting activity day for students with vision loss

28 Sep 2020

Gold Creek School hosts exciting activity day for students with vision loss

This term, students from across the ACT gathered at Gold Creek School for an exciting, fun filled activity day for students in years 4 - 8 with vision loss.

The students came from multiple schools including, Amaroo School, Belconnen High School, Black Mountain School, Mount Stromlo High School, Maribyrnong Primary School, Torrens Primary School, Yarralumla Primary School, Farrer Primary School and Gold Creek School.

The activity day had something for everyone to enjoy, with activities ranging from goal ball, blind cricket, blind tennis, rock climbing, cycling, food preparation and nutrition, swish table tennis and drumming.

The students were assisted in their activities by Gold Creek staff, NSW Inclusive sport, ACT Inclusive Sport, Drumming with Cherie Kotek, Nutrition Australia and the Vision Support Team from Student Engagement ACT.

It was a great experience for the students, who enjoyed the opportunity make new friends and had the support to branch out and try many activities they had never done before.

The year 10 students of Gold Creek School also showed great leadership on the day by helping out with the activities, taking photographs and wearing simulation spectacles so that they could empathise with the difficulties of playing sport whilst being vision impaired.

‘We all really enjoyed seeing the students so willing to try different things and bond with each other,’ the adults involved said.

One student, Radhiska, said she loved talking to the other students and hearing about their lives. She loved taking part in the musical activities and the cycling and looks forward to another activity day to catch up with new friends.

It was a memorable day for all involved, with many beautiful moments shared and new friendships starting to bloom.