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Hazardous Material Survey and Management Plan

The ACT Education Directorate arranges for inspections and the preparation of survey reports (Hazardous Materials Survey and Management Plan). These are undertaken by Licenced Assessors engaged by the Directorate.

Schools built prior to 2003 have a Survey and Plan. Schools built after 2003 were designed and constructed using environmentally sustainable materials and do not contain any hazardous materials.

The Hazardous Materials Survey and Management Plans are specific to each school site with copies available for inspection by staff, tradespeople, parents and other visitors. Together with the site maps that identify areas of known asbestos containing materials, the Asbestos Register informs tradespeople of the location and type of asbestos materials present on school sites, prior to repairs, maintenance and other works being undertaken. The Reports and maps are displayed in prominent locations in the school entry.

Asbestos surveys are reviewed annually and, where required, the Asbestos Register is updated. Asbestos was a commonly used building material in residential and commercial buildings in Australia until around 1988. Asbestos remains safe if it is not disturbed or has not deteriorated. Twelve schools have Asbestos Reports that indicate that no asbestos is present.

Please contact schools directly if you would like the latest information about the work that has been undertaken at the school site. Contractors are reminded to discuss the Survey and Plan with the school prior to commencing work on the site. A full listing of schools is available from the Directory of Schools on this website.

If you would like further information about Hazardous Materials Survey and Management Plans
Phone: 6207 5111 or Access Canberra: 13 22 81 (international callers: +61 6207 5111) Email: Education Directorate