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This year the Early Childhood Teacher of the Year Award went to Morgan Holland from Miles Franklin Primary School Morgan’s belief in the limitless ability of his students has cultivated a classroom culture where every student can achieve success. During a challenging year, it was educators like Morgan who made all the difference. Morgan embraced online learning, his professionalism and flexibility allowed him to adapt to the rapidly changing situation. Morgan made a specific effort to support high needs students to transition back from online learning to ensure their continued connection with peers and learning opportunities. Thank you for your commitment Morgan and congratulations.

“I always just kept pushing and believing I would get there.” Monica Zanetti is a former ACT public school student who has just made her directorial debut with a new film, Ellie and Abbie (and Ellie’s Dead Aunt). Monica spoke to us about her career path and how her education provided the platform she needed to follow her dreams. Read Monica’s story at