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Scientific success

07 Aug 2019

Isaac wins Tuckwell Scholarship

Gungahlin College student Isaac Martin

Gungahlin College student Isaac Martin is one of 25 students across Australia to receive a Tuckwell Scholarship. (Photo: Supplied)

For years, Isaac Martin has been developing a passion for science and his dedication has paid off.

The motivated Gungahlin College student, who wants to pursue a career in engineering with a focus on the renewables sector, is a step closer to achieving his goal.

Isaac is one of 25 Year 12 students across the country, and the only one from the ACT, to win a five-year, $125,000 Tuckwell Scholarship to the Australian National University.

The Tuckwell Scholarship will allow Isaac to further his study and provide support for educational costs.

It will also allow Isaac to live on campus, cutting down on travel time from his rural home and allowing him to access the resources he needs to continue his learning journey.

For Isaac, it all started at school. “I had a really amazing science teacher who really sparked that interest in the natural world and how we have opportunities to make to world better,” he said.

Now, he is looking forward to the opportunities he will have at ANU next year.

“The support we will get from other scholars and academic mentors at the uni will be invaluable for me,” Isaac said.

Gungahlin College principal Priscilla Wray said the school was very proud of Isaac and highlighted that his experience showed the value in student-led learning.

“By supporting our students’ interests, we give them each the opportunity to succeed in their chosen field,” Ms Wray said.

“Well done to Isaac on this wonderful achievement. We are confident he will have every success in the years to come.”