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New start for many students

01 Feb 2019

Thousands of ACT children and young people will start their educational journey at Canberra public schools this year while many will transition to high school and college.

The Education Directorate has resources available to help students start and transition through school.

The Starting School guide is filled with useful information for parents and carers about preparing their children as they start their formal schooling.

Principal of the new Margaret Hendry School, Kate Woods has this advice to those starting school

“My one piece of advice is to go into school being optimistic – so thinking about all the fantastic opportunities that you will have there, the new friends that you will make and the ways in which you will grow and develop over the course of the year.”

ACT public school support students moving from primary school to high school, high school to college, and college to post school options.

Principal of Ainslie School, Wendy Cave says “Transition programs in our schools are designed to ensure all students feel safe, happy and supported and are treated as a respected individual within our wider school community. I see firsthand the many ways in which our teachers, parents, carers and students work together to achieve this outcome.”

Resources to help students starting high school and college are available from the Transition Services and Programs in Schools page.