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Ainslie’s artistic exploration

29 Jul 2019

Students imagine and create

Adam Rosman drawing
Ainslie School Year 4 student Adam Rosman was inspired by the unique artistic opportunity provided at his school last week. (Photo: Brenton Sloane)

Ainslie School students took part in a unique and experimental arts experience last week, exploring their artistic self through music and visual arts.

Students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 took advantage of the enriching developmental opportunity to be inspired by their surroundings and the live musical performance as part of their learning and creative thinking.

The experience was put together by Ainslie School Learning Support Assistant Seb Halme (performing as Sebastian Field) and Ainslie Creative-in-Residence Dr Naomi Zouwer (The Creative PractiSe), with the support of the school community.

The exercise was also captured on film by Year 12 students from Dickson College, and will be on show at the Step into the Limelight Art Exhibition opening tomorrow.

Designed to prompt students to tune into their environment, ambient loop-based experimental pop rang through the air, while students sought to artistically capture their feelings and wonderings. The free-form expression saw many different types of charcoal art emerge.

“The students were encouraged to draw what they feel… it was really student-lead,” Dr Zouwer said.

“In art, it is as much about the process, if not more so, than the product.”

Ainslie School Principal Wendy Cave said the artistic experience aligned with their school’s goals of enabling their students to be active and engaged learners.

“We offer playful and sophisticated education at Ainslie, and this experience was about giving students the opportunity to connect with artists and learn in a really personal way,” Ms Cave said.

“It was connecting the students with their agency to deliver real artistic outcomes.”

Students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 at Ainslie School took part in the program
Students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 at Ainslie School took part in the program. (Photo: Brenton Sloane)