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Capturing her dreams

28 Jun 2019

Narrabundah student wins global art competition

Sarah Millward art piece
Narrabundah College student Sarah Millward’s entry into the global BILLIExADOBE digital art competition. Sarah was declared the grand prize winner by singer and artist Billie Eilish. (Image: Sarah Millward).

Narrabundah College student Sarah Millward, 16, loves creating digital worlds. Her work on digital art has allowed her to dream and create, taking her into the depths of her imagination.

Now her work is taking her to Los Angeles.

Earlier this month Sarah was declared the grand prize winner of the BILLIExADOBE ‘When We All Fall Asleep’ digital art competition. Entrants used the Adobe suite of products to create digital dreamscapes inspired by singer and artist Billie Eilish.

The competition was judged by Billie Eilish herself, with Sarah beating out over 9,000 other entries.

Sarah is very excited about the win, which will see her head to Los Angeles with her Mum to go to a Billie Eilish concert as well as meeting the artist backstage.

“I’m very fond of Billie Eilish,” Sarah said. “I cannot describe how happy I am. It’s like a dream, honestly.”

Dreams are where Sarah derived her inspiration for her successful work.

“I was enthusiastic about this – I decided to try to recreate my dreams with this.

“This is one of the first opportunities I had to record my dreams. This dream felt like walking through water.”

Sarah said creating digital art using Adobe’s Photoshop program was enlightening for her.

“Digital art is my favourite. I really like the idea of creating these digital worlds… you can create anything you want without physical limits,” Sarah said. “You really can create anything.”

“Digital art is also viewed in the way it was meant to be viewed – on screens. It is how the artist intended people to see it.”

Winning the BILLIExADOBE digital art competition is a huge confidence boost for Sarah - but she’s not stopping there.

Sarah continues to pursue her digital art, choosing to further her education with an art course at Narrabundah, as well as developing other digital art pieces, which can be viewed on Instagram at @millwizard.

In more ways than one, Sarah keeps working to bring her dreams to life.

Narrabundah College student Sarah Millward
Narrabundah College student Sarah Millward. (Photo: Brenton Sloane).