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Commissioner for the Environment

C18 Commissioner for the Environment

The Commissioner for the Environment did not request any information from the Department for the State of the Environment Report.

Capital works projects

One investigation was carried out by the Commissioner for the Environment in relation to the Department’s capital works projects regarding ACT Government Tree Management Practices. In response to requests from the Commissioner the Department has:

  • provided advice on the annual tree assessment process undertaken for each school
  • provided advice on responsibility for implementing the recommendations of the tree assessment
  • provided tree assessments for various schools
  • issued a letter in June 2010 to six schools requesting the following information:
    • trees removed
    • new replacement plantings
    • costs for the tree removal and planting of replacement trees
    • costs for all tree surgery works (including removals)
    • any comments or experiences from implementing the tree assessment recommendations.

For more information contact:
Schools Capital Works Branch
Telephone: (02) 6205 3173

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