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Community grants, assistance, sponsorship

C15 Community grants, assistance, sponsorship

The Department administers assistance to eligible families and funds grants to a range of organisations which provide support for students and adults. Community sponsorship from local businesses and organisations are used to recognise the efforts of students and ACT schools.

Secondary Bursary Scheme

The Department continued to support students from families of low socio-economic background through the Secondary Bursary Scheme. The bursary, worth $500 per year per child in years 7 to 10, assists with education expenses and is paid to parents who hold current Healthcare or Pensioner Concession Cards. The bursary is paid in two payments of $250 each.

In the first half of 2009-10, 618 students received bursary payments. In the period January to May 2010, 746 students received bursary payments. The total payment in 2009-10 was $341,000, up from $295,250 in 2008-09.

Non-government centre support

The Department administered grant funding to non-government organisations providing services and programs for children and young people with a disability. The following organisations received funding in the 2009-10 financial year.

The Department of Education and Training and Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation signed a Deed of Agreement for the period 31 July 2009 to 30 June 2010.

Representatives of the Department and the Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services will continue to work with Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation to discuss and develop proposals for future funding.

Table C15.1: Grants to non-government organisations







Gungahlin Regional Community Service

Warehouse Club

Increased out of school hours educational, social and recreational opportunities for young people with complex needs



Marymead Child and Family Centre

Education program

Increased community access, enhanced socialisation, living skills and self-care skills. Participation in work-related activities



Noah’s Ark Resource Centre

Out of school hours program for high school students

Opportunities for development of social and independence skills. Homework support and opportunities for physical activity



Noah’s Ark Resource Centre

Shooting Stars program

Support to enable children to participate in mainstream programs



Pegasus Riding for the Disabled

Access for children with a disability

Improved posture, balance, mobility for children with a disability and access to therapeutic services using the horse as a tool



Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT

Schools disability program

Increased communication, relationship and decision making skills; enhanced self-image, skills and confidence in the area of sexuality and human relationships



The Shepherd Centre

An early intervention program for children with a hearing impairment

Assist children to develop listening, speech, language and literacy skills. Assisting children to cope in inclusive mainstream education through socialisation, speech and language skills




Source: Department of Education and Training, Indigenous Education and Early Years Learning

Table C15.2: Additional funding to Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation





$ Amount


Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation

Literacy and numeracy program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in years 7 to 10

Literacy and numeracy support for targeted students who are at risk of disengaging from formal schooling.
Improved self confidence to participate in activities offered at their base school



Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation

Tutorial assistance and academic support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people participating in the literacy and numeracy program. After school assistance for students who remain engaged in school in high schools and colleges

Improved literacy and numeracy outcomes for targeted students in years 5 to 9
Provision of subject specific support for senior students to support successful completion of school to year 12




Source: Department of Education and Training, Indigenous Education and Early Years Learning

Adult and community education grants

The ACT Government provides $250,000 annually from its health and community wellbeing grant funds for Adult and Community Education (ACE) in the ACT. Community education providers, whose programs cover a wide variety of learning needs, apply to the Department for a share of these funds.

The 2008 Ministerial Declaration on ACE provides a national policy framework that supports a collaborative approach to ACE. The Declaration acknowledges ACE as a significant contributor to education and training provision and demonstrates the commitment of Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers to work collaboratively to maximise positive outcomes from this education sector.

In the ACT, ACE is designed to support quality adult and community-learning opportunities in a range of formal and informal settings, using flexible and learner-centred activities.

C15.3: Adult and community education grant recipients





$ Amount


Australian Red Cross Society

Mental Health First Aid Training for Adults Helping Adults and Adults Helping Youth in the ACT

Training will allow Red Cross to deliver more Mental Health First Aid training courses to staff and volunteers working in the community sector in the ACT



Caloola Skills Training and Job Placements

Engaging in a Supporting Work Preparation Program

Support for full-time parents and persons with a disability or substance dependence seeking to return to the workforce



Caloola Skills Training and Job Placements

Helping Me Help the Community

Delivers Certificate I in Work Preparation (Community Services) which provides skills and preparation for work and further training/education



Canberra Blind Society

Let Your Senses Lead the Way

Participants develop Braille reading and writing skills specific to their needs



Charity Computers Australia Inc.

People Builders - General Construction

An introductory learning experience in General Construction. The course can lead participants into a Certificate II in General Construction



Charity Computes Australia Inc.

Basic Retail - Communicatin

Basic Retail (communication) skills specially tailored for people with no previous retail knowledge



Marymead Child and Family Centre

Marymead Family Skills Program

Self-care and self-advocacy training for young mothers



Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services of the ACT Inc.

The Home Tutor Program

Aims to help migrants and refugees become more confident in the English language



Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services of the ACT Inc.

The English for Living Program

Pronunciation and conversation classes



Music for Everyone

Music for People with Disabilities: Group Activity Classes

Through a range of music activities and experiences, develops skills in physical coordination, concentration, communication, social interaction and self-confidence



Communities@ Work Ltd.

Reload Your Future

Training in skills and knowledge needed to be an effective volunteer



Nurturing Nortons

Literacy and Numeracy Tuition and Training Courses

Personal tuition for people with a disability to improve literacy, numeracy and life skills




The 3Rs of Wildlife - Respect, Rehabilitate and Release

To improve how the community interacts with and cares for native wildlife



Southside Community Services Inc. trading as Optimum Training and Development

Links to Learning: Adult Literacy Program

Literacy and information technology skills to assist students develop new pathways to further education



Southside Community Services Inc trading as Optimum Training and Development

Onwards and Upwards Vocational Literacy Program

Vocationally based literacy and numeracy skills training



Support Asian Women’s Friendship Association Inc.

Learning Computer Skills in your Own Language

Program aimed at Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese adult learners with limited English



The Radiance Dance Project

Inclusive Drama

Uses drama as a tool to develop and practise positive communication strategies and self-expression



Tuggeranong Community Arts Association

Art Up Community Arts Education Program

Visual arts, music and digital media workshops for adult learners



Vietnam Veterans & Veterans Federation ACT Inc.

Metal Manglers and Dove Tails for Diggers

One on one instruction given to the veterans by retired tradesmen



Young Women’s Association of Canberra

Mura Interactive Learning Centre

Computer training for residents of the Lanyon Valley







Source: Department of Education and Training, Training and Tertiary Education

Community sponsorship

Businesses and organisations provide generous support to ACT public schools and to students through grants and awards sponsorship. Community sponsorship recognises and supports young people’s involvement in many areas such as sport, science, community services, career education, vocational learning, culture, volunteerism and the arts. The Department and ACT public schools are involved in a broad spectrum of sponsorship activities with local and national organisations.

The Department’s Corporate Sponsorship policy guides an appropriate response to situations where cash or value-in-kind is received in return for providing agreed benefits. The policy is currently undergoing review.

Capital Chemist group

Since 2005, the Capital Chemist group has provided $20,000 a year to help selected students continue education in college. Each year, two year 10 students from each ACT public high school are chosen for $500 scholarships, on the basis of aptitude and commitment in either academic endeavor or citizenship.

Country Women’s Association

In 2009, the Country Women’s Association continued to award grants of $350 each year to nine students commencing year 12. From both public and non-government schools, these students have shown the aptitude and commitment to complete schooling despite facing particular challenges and hardships.

ACT Refugee Day Committee

In 2009, at the ACT Refugee Day Scholarship Ceremony, $250 was presented to each of 12 students who had made significant progress while studying at the Department’s Introductory English Centres, with similar adult learning awards for students at the Canberra Institute of Technology. The ACT Refugee Day Committee provides the scholarships to worthy students who meet refugee or asylum seeker status, and who are judged to be in most need of financial help.

Paperchain Bookstore (Manuka)

The Paperchain Bookstore continued to support ACT public schools with contributions in 2009. Inaugurated in 2004, the sponsorship aims to support literacy in Act public primary schools through the purchase of books to the value of $100.

Teachers Credit Union

The Public Education Awards took a heightened profile this year with the Department and the Australian Education Union collaborating in a single awards ceremony. Major sponsorship from Binutti Constructions for the Outstanding Principal award and Project Coordination for the Outstanding Teacher award was supported by general event sponsorship from the Teachers Credit Union. The individual awards prize- money is redeemable through professional development activities.

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