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C23 ACT Strategic Plan for Positive Ageing

C23 ACT Strategic Plan for Positive Ageing 2010-2014

The ACT Government identifies a whole of government approach to support senior Territorians in the ACT Strategic Plan for Positive Ageing 2010-2014. The Directorate recognises the need for training to support information and communication technology (ICT) skills so that seniors can more easily access information, services and social contacts. The Directorate also recognises the importance of providing educational and recreational opportunities for older people, be they in full-time, part-time or casual paid employment, volunteer work or simply seeking to update their skills.

The plan identifies actions grouped under a number of priority areas. The priority focus areas relevant to Directorate activities are Information and Communication (Priority 1) and Work and Retirement (Priority 7). Directorate progress against relevant actions is below.

Information and Communication

The Directorate administered three funded training initiatives during 2012-13 for which seniors aged 60 years and over are eligible:

In 2012-13 under various training initiatives, 11 training programs available for adults of all ages, including seniors, were specific information technology programs or included basic ICT skills. Basic ICT skills include operating a personal computer and sending and retrieving information using the internet and email.

Under PSP, 13 seniors enrolled in ICT specific courses or ones that included competency in basic ICT skills.

Work and Retirement

In 2012-13, 33 seniors accessed nationally accredited vocational education and training under PSP.

In 2012-13, 62 seniors commenced an Australian Apprenticeship. In order of popularity, the top Australian Apprenticeships undertaken by seniors in this period were in the industry areas of child care, warehousing and business.

Under the ACE program in 2013, seniors are eligible to access 15 courses that received grants totalling over $204,000. These ACE courses aim to deliver quality community-based learning opportunities in a range of formal and informal settings using flexible and learner centred activities.

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