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Gifted and Talented Education - Melba Copland's Magellan Program Begins Its Journey

Ferdinand Magellan would be sitting with a smile on his face if he could see what had been achieved in his name with the Gifted and Talented Program at Melba Copland Secondary School. The Magellan Program involves high achieving students from the five partnering schools of Charnwood Dunlop, Fraser, Evatt, Mount Rogers and Miles Franklin Primary Schools participating in a challenging and action packed mathematics and science program.

Melba Copland Secondary School considered the most recent research and best practice models to guide this initiative.

The program was specifically tailored to meet the intellectual, social and emotional needs of students who can learn up to 12 times faster than others, whose higher order thinking needs to be challenged and extended and whose intellectual age can be many years higher than their actual age.

Each week the students were enthusiastically engaged in inquiry based learning, designing their own science experiments and solving detective work through mathematical stealth.

Photo showing students participating in in Melba Copland Secondary School's 'Magella Program' for gifted and talented students

Magellan Program students participating in experiments and investigations