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Mr Shane Rattenbury MLA
Minister for Education
ACT Legislative Assembly
London Circuit

Dear Minister

This report has been prepared in accordance with section 5(1) of the Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Act 2004 (the Act) and the requirements of the Annual Report Directions 2015-16.

It has been prepared in conformity with other legislation applicable to the preparation of the annual report by the Education Directorate.

I certify that the attached Annual Report is an honest and accurate account of the operation of the Education Directorate, and that all material information on the operations of the Directorate during the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016 has been included.

I hereby certify that risk management strategies have been implemented to address risks to the integrity of the Directorate, including the prevention of fraud and corruption, in accordance with part 2.3 of the Public Sector Management Standards 2006.

The annual reports of the following organisations are included in this report:

Section 13 of the Act requires that you cause a copy of the report to be laid before the Legislative Assembly within 15 weeks of the end of the financial year.

Yours sincerely

signature of Natalie Howson

Natalie Howson
Education Directorate
4 October 2016

GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601 I phone: 132281 I external link

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