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Appendix 1: Compliance Statement

The ACT Education Directorate Annual Report 2017-18 must comply with the 2017 Annual Report (Government Agencies) Notice 2017 (the Directions). The Directions are found at the ACT Legislation Register:

The Compliance Statement indicates the subsections, under the five Parts of the Directions, that are applicable to the Education Directorate and the location of information that satisfies these requirements.

Part 1 Directions Overview

The requirements under Part 1 of the Directions relate to the purpose, timing and distribution, and records keeping of annual reports. The 2017-18 Education Directorate Annual Report complies with all subsections of Part 1 under the Directions.

In compliance with section 13 Feedback, Part 1 of the Directions, contact details for the Education Directorate are provided within the 2017-18 Education Directorate Annual Report to provide readers with the opportunity to provide feedback.

Part 2 Directorate and Public Sector Body Annual Report Requirements

The requirements within Part 2 of the Directions are mandatory for all directorates and public sector bodies and the Education Directorate complies with all subsections. The information that satisfies the requirements of Part 2 is found in the 2017-18 Education Directorate Annual Report as follows:

Part 3 Reporting by Exception

The Education Directorate has nil information to report by exception under Part 3 of the Directions for the 2017-18 reporting period.

Part 4 Directorate and Public Sector Body Specific Annual Report Requirements

The following subsections of Part 4 of the Directions are applicable to the Education Directorate and can be found within the 2017-18 Education Directorate Annual Report:

Part 5 Whole of Government Annual Reporting

All subsections of Part 5 of the Directions apply to the Education Directorate. Consistent with the Directions, the information satisfying these requirements is reported in the one place for all ACT Public Service directorates, as follows:

ACT Public Service Directorate annual reports are found at the following web address:

As required by Australian Auditing Standards, the ACT Audit Office checks financial statements included in annual reports (and information accompanying financial statements) for consistency with previously audited financial statements. This includes checking the consistency of statements of performance with those statements previously reviewed (where a statement of performance is required by legislation).

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