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C16 Community grants, assistance and sponsorships

Adult and Community Education grants

Grants under the ACT Adult and Community Education (ACE) program provide access to critical training for people in the community who may be marginalised from formal education and training, as well as supporting those who need opportunities for the development of foundation skills.

The Directorate recognises the value of ACE in developing social capital, building community capacity, encouraging social participation and enhancing social cohesion through educational and labour market participation.

Training funded by ACE offers supportive pathways into further education, training and work. Participation in quality learning opportunities promotes self-esteem, motivation and the confidence of individuals, enabling them to move into further education and training or employment.

ACE supports the re-engagement of marginalised individuals and people from disadvantaged backgrounds in learning and work and is a key component in supporting the ACT Government's social inclusion agenda outlined in The Canberra Plan: Towards Our Second Century and the Canberra Social Plan 2011.

The Directorate funded a number of ACE courses delivered in formal and informal settings using flexible and learner centred activities. Details of ACE courses for 2012, their providers, expected outcomes and grant amounts are provided in Table C16.1.

Table C16.1: ACE courses, providers, expected outcomes and grants, 2012




Amount ($)

Belconnen Arts Centre Incorporated

Arts for seniors

Creative arts education for people who are senior citizens, retired or suffer disadvantage.


Canberra Institute of Technology

Access to skills for parents and carers

Literacy, language and numeracy and information communication and technology skills for parents and full-time carers of children of families from low socioeconomic backgrounds including: refugees, non-English speaking, single parent, unemployed and grandparents who are sole carers.


Preparation for work through work experience

Skills for women seeking to re-enter the workforce and/or undertake further training, but lack the self-confidence and skills to do so.


Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Incorporated

Interpreter training and mentoring for emerging languages

To promote community capacity to support and complement professional interpreter services for community members who are disadvantaged.


Communities@Work Ltd


To build the capacity of men in low socioeconomic circumstances through the promotion of emotional wellbeing and the establishment of clear life goals.


Community Programs Association Incorporated

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and social media

Vocational training and social skills development to increase employment skills and social connectedness for adults with ASD and developmental disabilities.


Community Programs Association Incorporated

Pedal your wares

Retail training and vocationally focused retail experience for people with a disability to gain skills and build their capacity to seek work in the retail sector.


Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services of the ACT Incorporated

English for living program

Functional literacy for day to day life and for finding employment, continuing study or attending appointments.


Home tutor program

Designed to help learn English language and Australian knowledge for people who are migrants and refugees.


Music For Everyone Incorporated

Music for people with disabilities classes

Hands on, activity-based music education for adults with disabilities.


Nican Incorporated

Know before you go

Support for people with disabilities to develop confidence for social participation.


Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT Incorporated

Capacity building for parents and primary carers of children and young people with a disability

Train parents and carers of children and young people with disabilities with tools to support them in engaging with their children and young people on social safety, relationships, sexuality information and education.


Southside Community Services Incorporated

Links to learning in 2012: The year of reading

Literacy program for socially disadvantaged ACT residents who have low language and literacy/numeracy proficiencies.


Onwards and upwards in 2012: The year of reading

Promote a love of reading in child care centres in 2012: the year of reading.


Support Asian Women's Friendship Association Incorporated

First step – learning English and computer skills in other languages

Teaching people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds particularly Asian backgrounds, English and computer skills in their first language, employing adult learning techniques.


Learning workplace English for adults from CALD backgrounds

A pilot program employing adult learning techniques with learners from CALD backgrounds to learn workplace English skills with the assistance of a worker and volunteer whose first language is English.


Tuggeranong Community Arts Association

ART UP: community arts education program

A range of arts based community programs to engage the full spectrum of adult groups in the community.


Vietnam Veterans and Veterans Federation ACT Incorporated

Dovetails for diggers and metal manglers (continuing programs), Old soldiers and computers (new program)

Break down the barriers to learning and skills in wood and metal and with computers taught by a veteran for veterans.


Total funding




Source: Training and Tertiary Education Branch

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