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The Education and Training Directorate delivers high quality education services through public schools; registers non government schools; and administers vocational education and training in the ACT.

We believe that Everyone matters – students, teachers and support staff, leaders, parents and the community. We strive for excellence so that children and families can choose the ACT public school system, based on the quality of educational experience the programs offer and the opportunities for students to excel.

Our vision

Our vision is that all young people in the ACT learn, thrive and are equipped with the skills to lead fulfilling, productive and responsible lives.

Our values

We value honesty, excellence, fairness and respect.

Our Priorities

Our priorities are developing and improving: learning and teaching; school environment; student pathways and transitions; and leadership and corporate development.

Our commitments

We are committed to:

  • ensuring students succeed through quality teaching that engages them and supports the development of capabilities for life
  • meeting each student's academic, social, emotional and physical needs by ensuring all ACT public schools provide positive and success-oriented learning environments
  • providing learning pathways for students resulting in an educated and skilled workforce that meets the present and future needs of the ACT and region
  • ensuring that the Directorate is recognised as a responsive, innovative and high achieving organisation that delivers on its commitments.

Our achievements

Our achievements in 2010-11 were:

  • ACT students performed best in the nation for all year levels and domains in terms of mean score, with the exception of years 5 and 7 spelling in NAPLAN 2010
  • ACT Indigenous students achieved above the national minimum standard in all tests and all year levels compared with the national results for Indigenous students in NAPLAN 2010
  • 87 percent of public schools' year 12 students achieved a Year 12 Certificate in 2010
  • 85 percent of Indigenous students achieved a Year 12 or a VET Certificate in 2010
  • 94 percent of Indigenous students progressed to year 12 in 2010
  • 91 percent of 2009 year 12 graduates were employed or studying in 2010
  • 94 percent of staff remained with the Directorate
  • 27 percent reduction achieved in the number of health and safety incidents
  • 8 percent increase in the employment of people with a disability
  • 17 percent reduction in transport fuel consumption
  • 23 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions arising from transport fuel consumption
  • 15 percent reduction in office-based energy consumption
  • 10 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions arising from office energy consumption.

Our business

In 2010-11, our business featured:

  • $588 million in expenditure against $585 million budget
  • $1,939.5 million in assets including school buildings and infrastructure
  • $109 million in liabilities including employee benefits
  • 5,694 staff including 3,990 teachers
  • 39,010 students ranging from preschool to year 12
  • 4,417 female staff equating to 78 percent of total workforce
  • 84 schools including two new schools opened during the year: Gungahlin College and Namadgi School.