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C15 Community grants, assistance and sponsorships

Adult and Community Education grants

Adult and Community Education (ACE) is a significant contributor to the provision of life-long learning opportunities, alongside the tertiary and school systems. The Directorate recognises the value of ACE in developing social capital, building community capacity, encouraging social participation and enhancing social cohesion. In addition, the 2008 Ministerial Declaration on Adult and Community Education outlined a role for ACE in supporting the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) productivity agenda for skills and workforce development.

ACE offers highly supportive pathways into learning, further education and training, and work. Participation in quality community learning opportunities can serve to build the self-esteem, motivation and confidence of individuals struggling to engage, enabling them to move into further education and training or employment. The non-threatening adult environment also makes ACE an attractive option to those marginalised from the more formal education system, and provides opportunities for the development of the foundation skills that are critical for effective educational, labour market, and social participation.

This capacity of ACE to support the re-engagement of people from disadvantaged backgrounds in learning and work is the key to its role in supporting the ACT Government’s social inclusion agenda outlined in the Canberra Social Plan 2011 and The Canberra Plan: Towards Our Second Century.The ACT Government has funded a range of ACE programs delivered in formal and informal settings using flexible and learner centred activities. Table C15.1 details the 2011 ACE grant recipients.

Table C15.1 Adult and community education grant recipients




Amount $

Australian Management Control Pty. Ltd.

Belonging to

Fosters the development of skills and builds self-esteem for mature aged women. Prepares bookkeepers for further study that may lead to a qualification in bookkeeping.


Australian Red
Cross Society

Mental Health First Aid Training for Adults Helping Adults and Adults Helping Youth in the ACT

Program offers participants opportunities to improve their health and mental health literacy through providing Mental Health First Aid to the general community.


Caloola Skills Training and Job Placements

Future, Understanding, Education, Learning

A kick start in job preparation and the opportunity to gain basic accredited qualifications that may lead participants to further vocational training.


Canberra Blind Society

Let Your Senses Lead the Way

Participants develop Braille reading and writing skills.


Charity Computers Australia Inc.

General Sound, Lighting and Media Course

Participants receive an introductory opportunity with a ‘hands on’ learning approach to gain the skill sets, knowledge and industry standards required to carry out basic sound, lighting and multimedia duties.


Charity Computers Australia Inc.

Introduction to Computing

Assists mature aged participants to establish confidence in using computers to connect with their families through email or Facebook.


Communities @ Work Ltd.

Parental Pathways: Practical Education for Parents

Provides families with tools to improve parenting skills, demystify the nature of vocational training and increase their willingness to engage in formal learning.


Merici College

Building Confidence and Expertise for Graduates from Black Mountain School

A partnership between Merici College and Capital Careers creates an education and employment pathway, a sense of work in the real workplace and knowledge of safe work practices, communication and cooperation.


Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services of the ACT Inc.

Home Tutor Program

Assists participants (migrants and refugees who have difficulty accessing classes because of family or work commitments, transport difficulties or lack of confidence) to learn English.


Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services of the ACT Inc.

English for Living Program

Assists migrant and refugee residents in the ACT who have limited or no English language skills, to learn English to help them find employment and complete further study.


Music For

Music for People with Disabilities: Group Activity Classes

Hands-on and activity-based learning designed for adults with a range of disabilities.



Self-Esteem, Relaxation, Confidence and Assertion

Assists participants with a disability to increase relaxation, self-esteem, confidence and assertion skills.


Parentline ACT Inc.

Parent Effectiveness

Provides community groups with practical parenting skills including conflict resolution and resilience.



The 3Rs of Wildlife: Respect, Rehabilitate and Release

Improves community awareness and provides practical advice on animal identification, injuries and living needs so that animals are not detrimentally affected.


Southside Community Services Inc.

Onwards and Upwards: Vocational Literacy Program

Participants develop self- awareness and confidence to participate in vocationally based literacy and numeracy skills training.


Southside Community Services Inc.

Links to Learning: Adult Literacy Program

Provides a free literacy program for socially disadvantaged ACT residents, through one-on-one tuition as a basis to up-skill and improve their integration and contribution within the community.


Society of St Vincent De Paul Pty. Ltd.

Art Therapy

Disadvantaged people participate in art therapy such as photography, painting and pottery to build their sense of social inclusion.


Support Asian Women’s Friendship Association Inc.

Learning English and Computer Skills in Other Languages

Provides participants from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with adult English classes and basic computer skills so they can fully communicate and participate in the community.


Tuggeranong Community Arts Association

Art Up: Community Arts Education Program

Visual arts, music and digital media workshops for adult learners.


Vietnam Veterans and Veterans Federation ACT Inc.

Dovetails for Diggers and Metal Manglers

Provides veterans with disabilities workshops in woodwork and metalwork delivered by retired tradesmen.


Young Women’s Christian Association Canberra

Mura Interactive Learning Centre Program

Provides computer training for residents of the Lanyon Valley in particular seniors, parents with young children and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are seeking
a pathway into employment or education.





Source: Training and Tertiary Education Branch

Community sponsorshipBusinesses and community organisations provide generous support to ACT public schools and to students through grants and awards. Community sponsorship recognises and supports young people’s involvement in many areas such as sport, science, community services, career education, vocational learning, culture, volunteerism and the arts. The Directorate is involved in a broad spectrum of sponsorship activities with local and national organisations. Some examples include: Capital Chemist Group, Country Women’s Association and Paperchain Bookstore.

Capital Chemist Group
The Capital Chemist Group has an agreement with the Directorate to provide support to school students entering senior secondary education. This commitment has contributed $126,000 for the past seven years of the Directorate’s partnership assisting over 252 ACT public school students. Each awardee receives $500 towards continuing their education either through a tertiary package or completing an apprenticeship. The students receiving these scholarships have demonstrated aptitude and commitment in either academic endeavour or citizenship during year 10. Two students are selected from each public high school to receive the scholarship.

Country Women’s Association
In 2011, the Country Women’s Association continued to award grants of $350 each year to nine students commencing year 12 in both public and non-government schools. These students have shown the aptitude and commitment to complete their schooling despite facing particular challenges and hardships.

Paperchain Bookstore, Manuka
The Paperchain Bookstore, Manuka continues to support ACT public schools with contributions in 2010 to the Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge. The Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge promotes reading across all ACT schools. Forty-one schools registered, of which 31 were public schools. A prize of $500 was presented to four public schools, with one of these schools winning three categories, at the award ceremony in October 2010. Paperchain Bookstore continues to be the sponsor for the 2011 Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge with 60 schools registered, 45 of these being public schools.

Where the Directorate or a school receives cash or value-in-kind in return for providing an agreed suite of benefits, activities are required to abide by the Directorate’s Corporate Sponsorship policy.

Public Education Award
In 2011 Binutti Construction Pty, Electroboard Solutions Pty Ltd, Hawker Brownlow Education, Project Coordination and Teachers Credit Union offered both financial and in kind professional development opportunities to the 2011 Public Education Award winners.

ACT Refugee Day Scholarship
At the ACT Refugee Day Scholarship Ceremony in 2011, $250 was presented to each of 12 students who had made great strides while studying at the Directorate’s Introductory English Centres or the Canberra Institute of Technology. The ACT Refugee Day Committee provides the scholarships to worthy students who meet refugee or asylum seeker status, and who are judged to be in most need of financial help.

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