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The Directorate is committed to good governance and compliant records management. During the reporting period the Directorate continued to meet its responsibilities under the Territory Records Act 2002 and related standards.

The Directorate’s Records Management Program was reviewed in July 2008. This program is available to all staff via the Directorate’s Intranet and is supported by regular records management training.

Following on from the Auditor-General’s performance audit into records management in 2008, the Directorate reviewed the risks involved in protecting and preserving records stored by the Directorate and commenced several projects to address and resolve risks over 2009 and 2010.

In 2009, the Directorate commenced outsourcing its records storage to Grace Records Management. This project mitigates the occupational health and safety risks associated with managing a warehouse facility and fulfils the Directorate’s legislative requirements in regard to compliant records storage standards. This project was completed in 2010-11.

To improve record keeping in schools, the Directorate trained over 150 business managers and administration staff. The Directorate has put in place guidelines and procedures for archiving student records, class rolls and school administrative records.

Since July 2008, the Access to Records provisions of the Territory Records Act 2002 provided public access to records older than 20 years. Directorate records that are older than 20 years were identified and assessed. Exemptions for some records were sought to protect the privacy of individuals. Requests are lodged with Archives ACT through a website and records viewed in joint-funded facilities within the Woden Library. The Directorate received nine public access requests in 2010-11.

Table C16.1: Records disposal schedules




Territory Records (Records Disposal Schedule – Territory Administrative Records Disposal Schedules – Community Relation Records) Approval 2011 (No 1)

8 March 2011


Territory Records (Records Disposal Schedule - Schools Records Management Records) Approval
2009 (No 1)

11 September 2009


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