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C18 Commissioner for the Environment

The State of the Environment Report

The Directorate provided information to the Commissioner for the Environment in relation to the following environmental themes and indicators:

• Climate Theme Description
   - Emissions – No.4: Energy Use

• Land and Water Theme Description
   - Water Supply – No.20: Water Use

• People Theme Description
   - Urban Quality – No.3: Community Facilities
   - Urban Quality – No.5: Urban Trees
   - Urban Quality – No.11: Green Star Developments
   - Community Engagement – No.31 to 34: Environmental Education.

Tree management practices

One investigation was finalised by the Commissioner for the Environment in relation to ACT Government Tree Management Practices and the renewal of Canberra’s urban forest. In response to requests from the Commissioner, the Directorate confirmed information presented in the Commissioner’s Report in relation to ACT public school sites.

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School Capital Works
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