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C3 Public interest disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1994 (the PID Act) encourages the disclosure of conduct in the public sector that is adverse to the public interest. Information is available to staff and the community about procedures for making and handling public interest disclosures via the Directorate’s website.

Information is provided on:

  • the purpose of the PID Act
  • various contact points where disclosures can be made within and outside the
  • who can make a disclosure
  • types of disclosures that can be made and how to make a disclosure to the
  • protection from legal action and advice on cases of victimisation
  • feedback to informants
  • strategies if dissatisfied with the outcome of an investigation.

The nominated contact officer for public interest disclosures is:

Legal Liaison
Information, Communications and Governance
(02) 6205 9151

Summary of disclosures

No disclosures were received during the 2010-11 reporting period.

A review of the Directorate’s existing public interest disclosure procedures and materials commenced in 2010-11 to ensure alignment with complementary processes and resources. Further work will occur in 2011-12.

For more information contact:
Information, Communications and Governance
(02) 6205 7661