The Directorate's Executive

The Organisation list shows the management structure of the Directorate. Executive consists of: Director-General as well as three Deputy Directors-General.

Education Directorate Organisation Chart pdf icon (213kb)
Education Directorate Organisation Chart (21kb)

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Development

Yvette Berry, MLA


Natalie Howson

Deputy Director-General

Meg Brighton

Executive Director School Improvement

Mark Huxley

Director School Improvement - Belconnen Network

George Palavestra

Director School Improvement - North/Gungahlin Network

Judy Hamilton

Director School Improvement - South/Weston Network

Kris Willis

Director School Improvement - Tuggeranong Network

Kate Smith

Director School Improvement

Sue Norton

Executive Director Service Design and Delivery

Ross Hawkins

Learning and Teaching

Kate McMahon

Digital Strategy, Services and Transformation

Kristen Foster

Student Engagement

Sam Seton

International Education

Jason Borton

Deputy Director-General System Policy and Reform Division

Deb Efthymiades

Early Childhood Policy and Regulation

Sean Moysey

Strategic Policy

Coralie McAlister

Planning and Analytics

Robert Gotts

Schools for our Growing City

Margaret Stewart

Executive Director Business Services Division

David Matthews

Infrastructure and Capital Works

Rodney Bray

Governance and Community Liaison

Danielle Krajina

People and Performance

Alison Fitzgerald

Strategic Finance

Lynette Daly

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