Welcome to Canberra Public Schools

Our public schools are known for providing inclusive, accessible and high quality education. Currently more than 46,500 students are enrolled in 87 schools across the ACT.

Highly qualified and dedicated principals, teachers and staff provide students with a broad curriculum, exciting subjects, programs and activities in a diverse, caring and supportive learning environment. This learning experience is strengthened by our active engagement and communication with parents and carers and local communities.

Canberra public schools are well placed to start your child on their educational pathway from preschool to college and then on to further education and career opportunities.

Here you will find information about what is happening in public schools and an overview of the variety of school options. You can use the search engine to locate schools in your area, links to school websites, useful links for parents and carers, and other resources.

Each ACT public school gives priority to enrolment of children living in its Priority Enrolment Area (PEA). If a school has capacity after accepting students from its PEA, it may offer enrolment to students who live outside the PEA. Further information about priority enrolment areas is available on the Priority Enrolment Area webpage.

If your child is just starting school the Starting School: A Guide for Families provides parents and carers with a number of useful tips on helping them getting ready for school.

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