Children’s Educators

Early Childhood (Certificate III) Scholarship Program

The Early Childhood (Certificate III) Scholarship Program was established in response to the need for workforce development to meet the requirement of the National Quality Framework that all educators must have or be actively working towards at least a minimum Certificate III qualification.

Scholarships were awarded on merit following assessment of all applications against specific criteria. Each scholarship included funding for:

  • full course fees paid to the registered training authority delivering the course;
  • a startup incentive payment of $300 and a completion incentive payment of $500 paid to each scholarship recipient;
  • employers to provide staff to backfill positions to release students to study during their working hours.

The final round of applicants will complete their Certificate III studies at the end of June 2018 concluding the Early Childhood (Certificate III) Scholarship Program.

Early Childhood Degree Scholarship Program

Since the implementation of the National Quality Framework the ACT Government has been working closely with the early childhood education and care sector to manage the ongoing developments, with particular attention being given to the changes in qualification requirements for early childhood educators.

In order to support the sector's commitment to continuous improvement under the NQF and against the National Quality Standard (NQS), the ACT Government currently delivers the Early Childhood Degree Scholarship Program.

The Degree Scholarships under this program have been awarded every year since 2014.

From the 2018-19 financial year the Degree Scholarship Program recipients will be provided up to $25 000 over four consecutive years towards tuition fees and text books.

Students will also be provided with the opportunity to attend a four-week placement within the ACT Regulatory Authority, Children’s Education and Care Assurance (CECA), as part of their final year of study. Providers will be able to apply for funding to backfill students while they undertake the practicum components of their study at other locations, and the four-week placement with CECA.

The Degree Scholarships program is currently closed to new applicants while the changes for the 2018 – 2019 financial year are being finalised. Information about the recommencement of the Degree Scholarship Program will be listed here in the near future and will be advertised to the early childhood education and care sector through the usual communication channels.