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Children’s Education and Care Assurance

Children’s Education and Care Assurance (CECA) links providers, service leaders and educators with news, professional learning, resources, and information that supports quality outcomes for children in ACT education and care services (services). This includes the regular release of information regarding the National Quality Framework (NQF) through alerts, notifications, webpage updates, the CECA Update, Talking Quality publication, Sector Meetings and CECA’s Facebook page.

Provider and service contact details recorded in National Quality Assurance Information Technology System (NQAITS) are used to circulate information to the sector.

If you're not receiving these emails, make sure you:

  • check your contact details in NQAITS are correct and make any updates if required
  • check that your provider and service leader is passing on key information
  • check your spam folder
  • ensure your mailbox isn't full.

Additional email contacts can be added to CECA’s distribution list by request; please send a request in writing to to register.

CECA Alerts  CECA Notifications 

Notifications include information that may not require a response; however, it is important for providers, service leaders and educators to understand.

2021 Notifications

2020 Notifications

CECA Updates 

CECA Updates link professionals, providers, service leaders and educators with professional learning opportunities, new resources, initiatives, and changes to relevant legislation.

2021 Updates

2020 Updates

2019 Updates

Talking Quality 

Talking Quality

Children’s Education and Care Assurance’s Talking Quality publication is distributed three times a year. The aim of this publication is to engage stakeholders with the guiding principles of the National Quality Framework and connect these with goals for continuous improvement. The expertise and knowledge from the Sector and CECA is used to highlight and share practice, resources and tips in relation to education and care.

Contributions to the Talking Quality publication are welcome. CECA would love to hear stories of successes, challenges and professional learning opportunities that support the guiding principles of the NQF. If you would like to contribute please contact

Talking Quality Editions


Talking Quality Edition 1 PDF File (2.3 Mb)
Extended Hyperlink Resources PDF File (280 kb)

Talking Quality Special Edition 1 PDF File (2.9 Mb)

Talking Quality Special Edition 2 PDF File (2.9 Mb)

Talking Quality Edition 2 PDF File (2.4 Mb)

Talking Quality Edition 3 pdf icon (3.2 Mb)


Talking Quality Edition 1 PDF File (1.9 Mb)
Extended Hyperlink Resources PDF File (349 kb)

Talking Quality Edition 2 PDF File (2.8 Mb)
Extended Hyperlink Resources PDF File (268 kb)

Talking Quality Edition 3 PDF File (4.1Mb)
Extended Hyperlink Resources PDF File (250 kb)


Talking Quality Edition 1 PDF File (5.9 kb)
Extend Hyperlink Resources PDF File (440 kb)

Talking Quality Edition 2 PDF File (2.1 Mb)
Extended Hyperlink Resources PDF File (510 kb)

Talking Quality Edition 3 PDF File (9.5 Mb)
Extended Hyperlink Resources PDF File (713 kb)

Professional Learning Opportunities and ACT Education and Care Sector Meetings 

ACT Education and Care Sector Meetings (Sector Meetings) are held three times a year, with the aim to engage stakeholders with the NQF, to expand best practice and continuous improvement.

Sector Meetings will be held in March, June, and September 2021 with final agendas and dates communicated to the sector in advance.

One ACT Education and Care Sector Symposium will be facilitated in early November 2021, bringing together action research, projects, and experiences that align with the guiding principles of the NQF.

These forums have traditionally been facilitated face to face, however due to COVID-19 CECA will facilitate these opportunities using digital platforms.


Making difficult decisions – choosing the right thing to do to move forward May 2020 External Link

In response to emerging issues during COVID-19 the ACT Regulatory Authority commissioned Catharine Hydon and Early Childhood Australia to develop targeted Making difficult decisions – choosing the right thing to do to move forward professional learning video resource. This video assists providers, service leaders and educators to make decisions about competing and complex priorities during difficult times.

ACT Education and Care Online Sector Meeting 25 September 2020 External Link

In collaboration with services, practitioners, Be You and CECA this online Sector Meeting recording will provide viewers with strategies, resources and stories that highlight the importance of mental health and wellbeing in services, reinforcing the critical role that services play in child, educator and community mental health and wellbeing.

Compliance and Quality Assurance Tools 

Providers, service leaders and educators are encouraged to engaged in regular use of tools and resources to participate in self-assessment against the National Quality Standard External Link (NQS) and the Education and Care Education and care services National Law and National Regulations External Link (National Law and Regulations).

ACECQA’s Self-assessment Tool External Link to support approved providers, service leaders and educators assess the quality of their service’s practices, policies and procedures, against the NQS External Link and the National Law and National Regulations External Link.

Self-assessment is an important part of the quality improvement planning process and can help services to develop, review and update their Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) External Link.

Providers, service leaders and educators should have processes in place to monitor compliance within their setting. CECA’s Self-assessment of Compliance Tool MS Word File (332kb) developed by CECA can assist providers, service leaders and educators to expand their knowledge of the National Regulations. Services that use this tool are confident in understanding the National Regulations, provide better outcomes for children, and demonstrate compliance during their assessment and rating and compliance visits.

Resources for Out of School Hours Care Services in ACT Public 

The Education Directorate Out of School Hours Care in ACT Public Schools Information Handbook for Best Practice Relationships Between our Schools and School Aged Care Providers PDF File (472kb) (Handbook) can assist schools and OSHC services to apply best practice approaches to collaboration and education and care.

This Handbook provides guidance for schools and Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) providers on ensuring quality of program provision, establishing and maintaining effective governance frameworks, supporting best practice communication strategies and ensuring compliance with the NQF.

Community and Organisational Contacts 

Access Canberra

The Working with Vulnerable People (background Checking) Act 2011 External Link requires all individuals working and volunteering in services to have a background check and to be registered. Access Canberra External Link oversee the Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) registrations for all individuals working in ACT services.

ACT Cancer Council

Cancer Council ACT offers a large range of free SunSmart resources External Linkexternal icon for services, including posters, information and advice, sample sun protection policies, shade audit tools, newsletters, and apps.

ACT Community Services Directorate Child and Family Centres

The Community Services Directorate External Link Child and Family Centres (the Centres) are a ‘one-stop-shop’ supporting families. Centres are staffed by a multi-disciplinary team and are designed to provide a range of free support programs to assist parents and children. services and support provided through these Centres focus on children pre-birth to 8 years; however, selected services can be offered to children up to 12 years of age. Child and Family Centres services are available Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Please call:

A full list of services and programs for families can be found in the Child and Family Services Brochure External Link.

ACT Community Services Directorate Mandatory Reporting

Keeping Children and Young People Safe External Link is a guide to assist members of the public in making decisions about reporting concerns of child abuse or neglect in the ACT. All staff working in services are encouraged to complete the Community Services Directorate’s free Keeping Children and Young People Safe OnlineExternal Link training.

ACT Health Directorate Health Protection Service

Health Protection Service External Link grants food business registrations and provides information on immunisation, communicable diseases and infection control.

ACT Ombudsman Reportable Conduct Scheme

The Reportable Conduct Scheme External Link aims to improve child protection within organisations in the ACT. Reportable conduct covers allegations or convictions of child abuse or misconduct towards children. The ACT Ombudsman External Link provides support and practice guidelines External Link to help organisations meet their reportable conduct obligations. If organisations suspect criminal conduct, they must also report the conduct to ACT Policing External Link .

Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority

ACECQA External Link is an independent statutory authority providing national leadership in promoting the National Law External Link and NQS External Link across all states and territories. You can access copies of the relevant legislation, application forms, information sheets, resources and national registers of services.

Australian Department of Education and Training

The Department of Education and Training external link is responsible for approving services for the purposes of administering Commonwealth government subsidies under the Family Assistance Law, such as the Child Care Subsidyexternal link.

Australian Department of Health

The Get Up & Grow: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood External Link resources promote the key messages included in the healthy eating and physical activity guidelines.

Australian Human Rights Commission

In partnership with Early Childhood Australia, the Commission has developed Supporting young children’s rights: Statement of intent (2015-2018) External Link which provides high-level principles and areas for collective work, advocacy and action by Early Childhood Australia, its members and the National Children’s Commissioner in relation to the rights of young children from birth to primary school age. The Australian Human Rights Commission have produced a comprehensive resource suit Building Belonging External Link to support respect for cultural diversity and tackling racial prejudice in services.

Be You

Be You External Link is a national mental health initiative which aims to grow a mentally healthy generation of Australians. This whole-learning-community approach to mental health and wellbeing, introduce the range of Be You professional learning tools and resources, and Consultant support.

Early Childhood Australia

Early Childhood Australia External Link is the peak early childhood advocacy organisation, acting in the interests of young children, their families and those in the education and care sector. Early Childhood Australia provide a comprehensive suite of resources that They provide a range of resources to support educators in their role.

Family Foundations (Belconnen Community Services)

Family Foundations External Link is an early intervention program that offers parenting advice and strategies to families with children from birth to 5 years. The program supports families and early childhood educators in the ACT through case work and training opportunities.

Feed Australia

Feed Australia External Link is an online menu planning tool that has been developed to sit within existing education and care service management systems. This tool is a nutritional database of more than 200 healthy recipes and snack suggestions with established energy, macronutrient profiles and food group breakdowns. The recipes are easy to prepare and make use of easily available and seasonal ingredients.

Kidsafe ACT and NSW

Kidsafe ACT External Link and Kidsafe NSW External Link are dedicated to prevention of unintentional injuries to children. They provide useful information for education and care services about safety in the playground, homes, on the road and in and around water.


Narragunnawali External Link supports services in Australia to develop environments that foster a high level of knowledge and pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures, and contributions. A variety of resources, Reconciliation Action Plans and training opportunities are available to support services to take the next steps towards driving reconciliation in their community.

NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency

Each state and territory have an Inclusion Agency contracted to assist eligible services to build their capacity and capability to provide and embed inclusive practice in their delivery of early learning programs. KU Children's Services manages the NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency External Link in partnership with Include Me and Gowrie NSW. The Inclusion Agency oversee the Inclusion Development Fund that provides funding to assist eligible services to address a barrier to inclusion that cannot be addressed by the support of the Inclusion Agency.

Office of the Senior Practitioner ACT Community Services Directorate

The Senior Practitioner works with the regulated communities to drive cultural change across all sectors where restrictive practices may be an issue. The legislation Senior Practitioner Act 2018 External Link protects the rights of individuals in settings including children in services. More information about the Senior Practitioner and restrictive practices can be found in ACT Senior Practitioner Fact Sheet External Link and on the Community Services Directorate’s websiteExternal Link .

Preschool Matters

Preschool Matters External Link acknowledges and recognises the expertise of families in their child’s education and the importance of parental involvement and engagement in the preschool program. It provides online resources to provide support for families about local ACT preschool programs and outlines ways in which families can engage in early education.

Red Nose

Red Nose External Link is recognised by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) as a national authority on safe sleeping practices for infants and young children. Red Nose provides information, resources, and training to support safe sleeping practices in services.

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care External Link (SNAICC) is the national voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. SNAICC support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families through advocacy, developing practical tools, resources and information that promote innovation, good practice, critical support and strong connections to culture.

Starting Blocks

Developed by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Assurance (ACECQA) external link, Starting Blocks External Link is a website for parents on all things early childhood education and care, children’s development and what can be done at home to encourage their learning and development.