School Psychologist

How to apply to become a School Psychologist in ACT public schools

Psychologists seeking permanency or long-term contract employment can apply at any time. To be eligible for permanent or contract appointments you need to have a recruitment rating. The rating does not guarantee a school psychologist position but allows an applicant to be considered for permanent appointment or contract work.

Step 1

View information about becoming a School Psychologist then download the Application Form MS Word File (526kb).

Complete the application form and send with the following to the Teacher Recruitment Unit.

  • Statement addressing the selection criteria (maximum two pages)
  • Curriculum Vitae (2 pages only)
  • Copy of all academic transcript(s) (either final or to date). Incomplete applications may not be considered.

Step 2

Interviews will be scheduled. You will be advised of the time, date and venue of your interview if your application provides the information required. You should record the details of your interview.

Tips for the interview

  • Dress appropriately for the interview to project a professional image.
  • Plan to arrive ahead of time.
  • RELAX! The panel will be interested in meeting you and discussing your application and your strengths as a psychologist.
  • Your panel will give you some questions and 10 minutes reading time before the professional conversation will commence.
  • The interview is scheduled to last 20 minutes.

The selection panel will ask questions at interview based on the premise that your past behaviour and performance are the best indicators of potential and future performance. You can expect questions aimed at revealing how you have handled situations and tasks and the results you have achieved, as well as the motivation behind your approach