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Building the Action Plan

With the tabling of the Strategy, the ACT Government has concluded the first part of this conversation, but it is far from over. We will be continuing the conversation by developing an Action Plan, a guide for how the actions emerging from the consultation phase are to be implemented. This plan will be developed in collaboration with, and work alongside, Government, non-Government and community sectors.

By taking a collaborative approach with the community to define priority actions, we have the greatest chance of achieving the best outcomes for our students.

Phased Approach to Implementation

This strategy sets the direction for the future of education in the ACT, a journey to be taken in three phases over the next 10 years. Action within the three phases of implementation will embed equity, student agency, access and inclusion into the lived experience for all young people.

First Phase: Years 1 - 2

Teachers and school leaders will expand their skills to engage and support students so they are involved, resilient and equipped for the future.

This phase includes initiatives funded in the 2018 Budget. Future initiatives may need to be developed and considered for future budgets.

First Phase Implementation Plan pdf icon (1Mb)

University of Canberra Affiliated Schools Program

The University of Canberra (UC) Affiliated Schools Program is an exciting initiative under the Future of Education Strategy designed to improve student learning through professional learning for pre-service and current teachers, and research in schools.

The Program is a unique partnership between the ACT Government and the University of Canberra – a shared commitment to putting students at the centre of their education journey, supported by a respected and professional teaching workforce with access to innovative research and professional development opportunities.

It includes several elements:

School-based pre-service teacher education clinics
UC academic staff deliver clinics to pre-service teachers within ACT public schools. These regular sessions see pre-service teachers supported to deliver lessons and activities to students in ACT public schools.

Professional experience placements for pre-service teachers
ACT public schools host pre-service teachers across all subject areas and stages of schooling to provide quality hands on professional experience.

UC facilitated professional learning for teachers
Teachers are given the opportunity to participate in rich, rigorous learning that is tailored to meet the needs of educational professionals. Research informed professional learning is delivered through workshops, master classes and conferences.

‘Action’ school-based research projects to meet school and system needs
Action research is an approach to ‘learning while doing’ that allows teachers to develop and evaluate innovative approaches to meeting the learning needs of students. Research projects are co-designed by UC and ACT public schools to align with school and system strategic priorities. Teachers are supported by academic staff to undertake research. The projects will be widely shared via professional learning, resources, evidence-based programs and other leading initiatives.

Masters scholarships for teachers and school and non-school based leaders
The Directorate is providing scholarships to support teachers, and school and non-school based leaders to undertake the University of Canberra Master of Education. UC has developed a unique approach to post graduate learning to meet the changing needs of the education profession. The Master of Education is an innovative and specially designed program that aligns with the Future of Education Strategy.

School based coordinator
Full program schools are partially funded to appoint a school-based coordinator to oversee the school’s engagement with UC.

The program is being rolled out across ACT public schools. As of December 2019, 25 ACT public schools were involved.

Full Program Schools (incorporating all elements of the program)

Affiliated Schools (incorporating some of the elements)

Second Phase: Years 3 – 5

Partnerships with the broader community will ensure students have the best supports in place for their learning and wellbeing.

Third Phase: Years 5 - 10

Community schools’ are providing every child the best start and a learning journey that will lead to a successful, fulfilling adult life.

Horizons First Horizon Action Plan