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In partnership with the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, (CMTEDD) the Education Directorate coordinates 2-day workshops each semester for teachers who wish to deliver the Road Ready Teacher Facilitation Program. The ACT Program is an innovative graduated licensing system delivered to students with the latest educational techniques and resources in a way that complements the Australian Curriculum.

This pre-driver education course is aimed at year 10 students and includes teacher and student resources and a variety of interactive activities designed to help make young people aware of issues relating to safer road use before they learn to drive. Attendance is mandatory for teachers to deliver the Program to students in ACT schools.

The Curriculum section supports the implementation and management of various road safety initiatives in ACT schools from foundation to year 12. Registration for the workshops is available via PLEC. Additionally, resource kits containing materials to support the teaching of the Program are available for loan from the Curriculum Section. These kits contain standard alcoholic drink sets, vision goggles and speed radar devices.

For additional information, or to organise loan of resource kits, please contact Curriculum Support on