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Year 10 - Certification and Applications

Year 10 Certification

Students in the ACT are awarded Year 10 Certificates or High School Records at the completion of studies in year 10. The certificates detail courses and grades studied in years 9 and 10.

Certification and Appeals: Information relating to the Certification and the Appeals process can be found in the Year 10 Certificate and the appeals process brochure MS Word File (40Kb).

Request for uncollected copies of year 10 certificates: To request an uncollected certificate contact Performance and Systems at Personal identification, or written authorisation from the Certificate recipient, must be shown when the Certificate is collected.

Request for copies of Year 10 Certificates: Copies of Year 10 Certificates can be obtained for students who completed their studies at an ACT High School from 1986. For an application form, please email the Education Directorate, Planning and Reporting Section on:

Request to Access a Record

If the student is 18+ they must apply for records by themselves, otherwise the Parent/Legal Guardian/Agent can do so by providing the supporting documents, e.g. Power of Attorney, Authority Letter from a student etc.

Applications for replacement certificates require a certified copy of proof of identity documents, charges apply.

The Request to Access Form is available from Access Canberra website.

Certified copies/transcript of past results for Year 12 can be requested by contacting the Board of Senior Secondary Studies (BSSS) at the following link: Request Year 12 Certificates/Transcripts.