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COVID-19 cases in schools

With the current level of community transmission of COVID-19 in the ACT, we will see cases in our schools throughout the 2022 school year.

During the week ending Sunday 26 June, 669 cases of COVID-19 were reported to 72 ACT public schools (years K-12).

Our schools are well prepared to manage COVID-19. Each public school has its own plan and risk mitigation strategies in place to enable them to minimise the risk of transmission, and manage cases as they arise.

These plans have been tailored to the individual school, taking into consideration the school environment, student cohort and staffing arrangements.

What happens if a person displays symptoms whilst at school?

Children and young people at school who are experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) will be isolated in an appropriate space and their parent or carer will be contacted immediately. They will then be supervised until they can be collected by a parent/carer as soon as possible.

Symptomatic staff and visitors will be advised to leave the school campus, get tested and travel directly to their home.

The person with symptoms should wear a mask while moving through the school or waiting to be picked up.

Staff supervising symptomatic students will wear appropriate protective equipment (PPE) and practise COVID safe behaviours, including carrying out frequent hand hygiene, and practise physical distancing.

What happens if a case is confirmed at a school?

Anyone who has attended a school while positive is required to notify the school.

On confirmation of someone with COVID-19 (student, staff member, visitor) attending the school during their infectious period, the school will notify those impacted by a potential exposure (and their parent/carer).

Anyone who develops COVID-19 symptoms should get a test and isolate. People who test positive to COVID-19 should follow advice from ACT Healthexternal link icon .