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Enrolling in Specialist Schools

Enrolments now open

Enrol here for the 2024 or 2025 school year.

Applications for the 2025 school year submitted by 7 June 2024 will receive a Letter of Offer from 29 July 2024.

Questions? Call the Enrolment Helpline on 02 6205 5429

The ACT has four specialist schools:

Some families may wish to choose a specialist school environment for their child. Our specialist schools educate students with high and complex needs who have a moderate to profound intellectual disability or moderate to profound intellectual disability with a comorbid diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. All students eligible for specialist schools are also eligible for the inclusion support program and disability education programs at their local school.

Eligibility to enrol in any of the above specialist schools must be confirmed by an Education Directorate school psychologist before an application is submitted using the online enrolment application form.

Specialist Schools do not have a PEA. To ensure the student’s needs can be met, where capacity has been reached at the preferred specialist school, the applicant will have the opportunity to be accommodated at another ACT specialist school.

NSW resident students who have been determined eligible for specialist schools will be provided with an enrolment pathway for their child where there is available capacity after enrolling all eligible ACT applicants.

Find out more about how ACT public schools meet the needs of students with disability.

Specialist preschool

Children with a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability (with level of severity moderate, severe or profound) or Global Developmental Delay (GDD) may access preschool at their local school or a specialist school. There are two ACT public Specialist Schools with preschools, Cranleigh School External Link and Malkara School External Link.

The diagnosis must be made by a health/medical professional (paediatrician, psychologist or an allied health professional). When the diagnosis is GDD, there is an additional program entry requirement:

Specialist preschools provide quality education for children with significant intellectual disability and other associated impairments. Specialist preschools provide a positive, child centred environment that ensures maximum growth and development.

Families interested in a specialist preschool for their child must first enrol in their local preschool through the online enrolment form. Families can then complete the Expression of Interest for Specialist Preschool form below.