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Frequently Asked Questions – Kindergarten to Year 12


When will I find out if my child has been accepted for the 2021 school year? How will I be notified?

You will receive an offer of a place for your child by email from your school.

Enrolment applications made between 28 April 2020 and 5 June 2020 will receive an offer from 27 July 2020.  Applications made after 5 June will receive their offers later in the year.

To check on the status of your application, please call the school you applied to in the first instance.

I live in a shared zone. What does that mean?

Some suburbs are zoned to more than one school. If you live in a ‘shared zone’, you are guaranteed a place for your child in one of the designated schools, but not necessarily the one which you pick as your first preference. In areas with a shared Priority Enrolment Area, the principals of the local schools will be able to provide more information about which school will have enough places to accept your application.

Why is proof of residential address required when I enrol my child?

Priority enrolment in a school is determined by the address you gave on the enrolment form. You are only guaranteed enrolment at a school if you live in a school's Priority Enrolment Area and your residential address can be confirmed by the school.

Who can I call to confirm that my application has been received?

You should contact the school to which you applied in the first instance.

I’ve just realised I made an error on the enrolment application form I submitted. What should I do?

If you have submitted a form with errors on it, in the first instance you should contact the school that was your first preference. You may be asked to submit a new form.

I am moving to Canberra from interstate / overseas. How do I know which school my kids should go to?

As soon as you know what your residential address in Canberra will be, you can submit an online enrolment form external link.You can find out which school is your local school using the ACT Schools Map. If your residential address is only temporary, you will still be able to enrol at the local school for that address. If you subsequently move to a different part of Canberra, you will have the choice of continuing your child/ren at the current school or moving them to your new local school.

My child is attending an Early Childhood School and will finish Year 2 this year. Will they be guaranteed a place at the primary school adjacent to the Early Childhood School even though we live outside the school’s PEA?

No. Your child is only guaranteed a place in Year 3 at your local school (by Priority Enrolment Area).

I am a teacher working at an ACT public school out of my PEA. Do I get special consideration to enrol my children at the school where I work?

Your child’s application will be assessed using the common criteria. For further information go to Enrolling in Kindergarten To Year 12

We are a Defence or Diplomatic family, can we enrol out of area?

Your child’s application will be assessed using the common criteria. For further information go to Enrolling in Kindergarten To Year 12

How can my child get to school?

Please see the information on Getting to School external link page.

I am unsure that my PEA school is able to meet the needs of my children. What should I do?

For every child and young person, feeling as though they belong, feeling confident and being engaged fully in their class and school activities is vital to their success at school.

ACT public schools aim to create a positive school culture and environment, to help all children and young people feel safe, connected and respected, achieve success and be fully engaged in their learning.

If you still have questions, talk to your local school principal first. If your principal is unable to answer your questions, they will put you in touch with the relevant area of the Education Directorate’s Support Office.

You can also call the Families and Students, Complaints and Feedback Unit on (02) 6205 5429 to be guided to the relevant area.

What if my child doesn’t live with me or lives part time with me and part time with their other parent?

Your school will ask you to provide proof that your child lives where you say they live. Your school will guide you on acceptable documentation.

Your child’s local school is determined by your child’s usual place of residence. If your child spends time between households, then they will be eligible to enrol at the local school for either address, unless there are court orders to the contrary.

Should there be disagreement between parents/carers as to which school a child should attend, it is a matter for the parents/carers to resolve. If a child is already enrolled at a school, then the child will be allowed to stay at that school until the school is directed otherwise by agreement of both parents or through a legal document such as a court order.

My child is attending preschool this year. Do I have to submit an online enrolment application for them to attend Kindergarten next year?

In most cases, preschoolers will be automatically enrolled into Kindergarten for the following year at their current school.

Students attending preschool outside their Priority Enrolment Area will have to apply for Kindergarten as an out of area student if they wish to continue at that school. They are guaranteed a Kindergarten place at their PEA school.

These families were notified by letter or email that, due to limited capacity, the school may be unable to offer a Kindergarten place in the following year.

If you received a letter or email like this from your current school for your preschool 2020 enrolment offer, then you will need to complete a new enrolment form for your child for Kindergarten in 2021. Please check with your current school if you are unsure what to do.

My residence is not within a PEA. Can I enrol my children at an ACT public school?

Residents of rural areas in the ACT have priority for enrolment at the public school closest to the residence by road. If you wish to enrol at a different school, you should contact the principal to enquire about an out-of-area enrolment.

NSW families wishing to enrol in a Canberra public school will be offered a place at selected schools in Belconnen and Tuggeranong. For more information refer to NSW students enrolling in ACT Public Schools